Rosa 'Above and Beyond'
Roses / Above and Beyond Climbing Rose
Zone: 3
Height: 3m - Width: 2,5m
Exposure: Sun
Extreme cane hardiness, reliable spring flowering and vigorous growth. Orange flower buds open in prolific clusters of five or more apricot colored semi-double to double flowers. Above and Beyond can be a climber or a nice large free-standing shrub.
Rosa 'Aurora Borealis'
Roses / Aurora Borealis Rose
Zone: 3
Height: 1m - Width: 1m
Exposure: Sun
Third addition to Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection of roses. It features blooming clusters of sunset pink rose set against dark green and glossy foliage. This low-maintenance rose offers black spot resistance and winter hardiness across Canada.
Rosa 'Foxy Pavement'
Roses / Foxy Pavement Rose
Zone: 3
Height: 90cm - Width: 110cm
Exposure: Sun
Semi-double, deep pink flowers that have an intense fragrance. Abundant crop of red hips in late summer, along with splendid fall color. Good disease resistant foliage.
Rosa 'Ringo All-Star'
Roses / Ringo All-Star Rose
Zone: 4
Height: 70cm - Width: 90cm
Exposure: Sun
Rose of the year in 2015, this unique rose features single flowers with a unique blend of melon-orange and pink aging to lavender. Along with that are its distinctive cherry-red eye and showy yellow stamens.
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