Sanitation Measures and Daily Operations

At Lemay Nursersey, the health and safety of our staff is at the heart of our concerns, particularly in the current context. We have been working with living things on a daily basis for 50 years and we are therefore aware of the impacts that non-compliance with strict hygiene and sanitation measures can have on our team, on our plants and on our customers. As part of the current crisis, being a grower of ornamental and edible plants, we have implemented important hygiene and sanitation measures. They allow us to have an adequate level of operation to ensure the survival of our plants as the spring season advances and stimulates their awakening as well as answering the needs of our garden center and landscaper clientele.


Strict procedures for frequent hand washing and respecting safe distances between employees in all of our industries and during breaks have been put in place. Disinfection cycles for work spaces according to strict schedules and tight control of outside visits are also in effect. All these measures, and many others, are reviewed daily by our team.


Frequent information points with employees allow you to be up to date on the most recent developments or on any new instructions to follow. We also reiterate the importance of respecting all the health and safety procedures and measures already in place.