Abies balsamea 'Piccolo'
Evergreens / Piccolo Dwarf Fir
Zone: 3
Height: 40cm - Width: 60cm
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
A tiny, rounded conifer with dark green, short needles radiating around slightly twisty branches. New spring growth is bright apple green and bring contrast to the older needles. Late season, brown buds add a nice touch to the winter garden. Excellent for small spaces or in a container.
Chamaecyparis p. 'Soft Serve Gold'
Evergreens / Soft Serve Gold False Cypress
Zone: 5
Height: 1,5m Width: 1,25m
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
The golden yellow and chartreuse green foliage is soft to the touch and easy to handle. This compact and pyramidal evergreen is burn resistant when planted in full sun to part shade but will have more intense coloration if in full sun. Holds its color well. Little to no trimming required.
Thuja occ. 'Smaragd Petite'
Evergreens / Emerald Petite Cedar
Zone: 3
Height: 3m - Width: 90cm
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
Finally, a cedar with the beautiful look of its parent but with half the size. Foliage, shape and color are the same but it will be easier to fit in a smaller garden. Habit is a little more conical and dense but it's as easy to maintain as the regular Smaragd.
Thuja occ. 'Tater Tot'
Evergreens / Tater Tot Cedar
Zone: 3
Height: 40cm Width: 30cm
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
Irresistible dwarf conifer that naturally grows as a cute little globe of fragrant, scalloped, evergreen deep green foliage. It’s perfect as a shapely specimen for your rock garden or in container. Very easy to grow and maintain.
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