Acer 'Ruby Sunset'
Trees / Ruby Sunset Maple
Zone: 4b
Height: 8m - Width: 6m
Exposure: Sun
This maple has glossy, attractive dark green foliage that turn a stunning deep ruby red in the fall. A great choice for smaller sites requiring a more compact tree. Broadly oval to rounded habit with a fast growth rate.
Acer rubrum 'Armstrong Gold'
Trees / Armstrong Gold Red maple
Zone: 4
Height: 12m - Width: 3,5m
Exposure: Sun
Considered one of the best for early fall color! This large deciduous tree has a narrow, improved columnar form and glossy green leaves that turn brilliant yellow-orange in fall. An extremely showy specimen, lawn, park or street tree.
Acer rubrum 'Burgundy Belle'
Trees / Burgundy Belle Red Maple
Zone: 5
Height: 14m - Width: 7m
Exposure: Sun
Red, showy flowers appear before the leaves emerge. Foliage emerges red in the spring, ageing to dark green. Fall foliage is orange-red changing to burgundy. Its compact, rounded canopy makes it a good shade tree for any landscape.
Acer rubrum 'Bowhall'
Trees / Bowhall Red Maple
Zone: 4
Height: 15m - Width: 4m
Exposure: Sun
Street specimen with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. The large leaves emerge red in the spring before turning green in summer and bright shades of orange and red in the fall. The showy red flowers in early spring are followed by decorative red samaras.
Acer saccharum 'Temple's Upright'
Trees / Temple's Upright Sugar Maple
Zone: 4
Height: 18m - Width: 2m
Exposure: Sun
Medium-sized tree with a columnar to narrow pyramidal habit. The leathery leaves are bright green and slightly larger than the family. In autumn it turns into orange-yellow to yellow, dependent on the weather conditions. Recommended as a park tree or for avenues and streets
Celtis occidentalis 'Prairie Sentinel'
Trees / Prairie Sentinel Hackberry
Zone: 4
Height: 13m - Width: 3,5m
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
Unique cultivar as it has a tight, fastigiate to columnar form. It shows cork-like rough bark, light green foliage followed by yellow green fall colour. Lime green inflorescence as leaves emerge. Suitable for narrow boulevards and city streets. Birds like the orange-red to purple small fruit.
Corylus colurna
Trees / Turkish Hazel
Zone: 5
Height: 13m - Width: 9m
Exposure: Sun
Turkish Hazelnut is a deciduous tree with a distinctive and refined pyramidal form. Dark green, crinkled foliage turns a outstanding yellow fall color. Highly tolerant of urban pollution and drought. Edible nuts.
Ginkgo biloba 'Mariken' Std
Shrubs / Mariken Maidenhair Tree
Zone: 4
Height: 60cm - Width: 80cm
Exposure: Sun
Very dense, compact habit for this dwarf, low-spreading, somewhat weeping/pendulous male form that grows very slowly. Small green leaves turn a uniform golden yellow in autumn. Smallest of the family.
Ginkgo biloba 'Troll'
Trees / Troll Maidenhair Tree Std
Zone: 3b
Height: 1,25m - Width: 1m
Exposure: Sun
A dwarf Ginkgo tree with distinctively irregular mounded habit. Unique fan-shaped leaves emerges light green in spring, turn bluish green in summer and an outstanding gold in the fall. Hardy, disease and insect resistant.
Malus collonade 'Maypole'
Trees / Maypole Columnar Crab Apple
Zone: 4
Height: 2m - Width: 60cm
Exposure: Sun
Upright, columnar, deciduous tree with red-flushed leaves when young turning dark red to burgundy in autumn. Deep pink flowers in mid-spring are followed by large, smooth, deep red, edible fruit ready for harvest in early autumn.
Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'
Trees / Aristocrat Ornemental Pear
Zone: 5
Height: 9m - Width: 6m
Exposure: Sun
Vigorous and upright with a dominant central trunk excellent for lining streets or as a specimen for smaller spaces. Adapts to a wide range of soils, including heavy clay. Small white flowers are followed by glossy, dark green leaves that become reddish-purple in fall.
Tilia cordata 'Ronald' (Norlin)
Trees / Norlin Linden
Zone: 3
Height: 14m - Width: 8m
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
Broad, pyramidal form with strong branches. A hardy hybrid seleilleul Norlin
Zone: 3
Hauteur: 14m - Largeur: 8m
Exposition: Soleil, Mi-Ombre
Forme pyramidale, large, et branches très fortes. Voici une sélection hybride, à petites feuilles, très rustique, de croissance rapide. Les feuilles vert foncé deviennent jaune doré en automne. Très résistant aux maladies. Fleurs jaunes odorantes.
Tilia americana 'Lincoln'
Trees / Lincoln American Linden
Zone: 3
Height: 10m - Width: 7m
Exposure: Sun, Half-Shade
An upright, slender, compact tree with a consistent shape and fragrant yellow flowers in early summer. Very adaptable and low maintenance, an excellent choice for smaller landscapes or for vertical emphasis. Good choice for attracting bees
Tilia americana 'Boulevard'
Trees / Boulevard American Linden
Zone: 2b
Height: 15m - Width: 9m
Exposure: Sun
Selected for its narrow pyramidal habit of growth and ascending branches. Dark green foliage turns bright yellow in the fall. Attractive specimen tree for street planting and other sites where height is needed but width is limited. Fragrant yellow flowers early June.
Tilia americana 'American Sentry'
Trees / American Sentry American Linden
Zone: 3
Height: 15m - Width: 8m
Exposure: Sun
Narrow upright habit of growth with tightly upright branching. The dark green, heart shaped foliage offers a nice background to the clusters of very fragrant yellow flowers. Bright gold fall color. Excellent resistance to insect attacks.
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