Exclusively wholesaler, we are located in Lanoraie, Quebec, Canada, 20 minutes East of Montreal.
Hemerocallis 'Becky Lynn'

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Pépinière François Lemay inc.
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Pépinière grossiste seulement: arbustes, grimpants, feuillage persistant, rosiers, vivaces gros format, conifères, arbres et petits fruits. Voyez nos nouveautés! 3000 photos sur notre site Internet.
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Heuchera 'Blondie' 
Blondie Coral Bells
Dense sprays of creamy yellow flowers carried on red stems are borne above rich caramel coloured semi-evergreen leaves. This compact miniature heuchera flowers from late spring through to midsummer, looking fabulous in rockeries and patio containers
Thuja occidentalis 'Technito' (Bailjohn) 
Technito Cedar
Dense multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a distinctive and refined pyramidal form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants. It has dark green foliage which emerges light green in spring. It holds its color into winter and resists wind burn.
Syringa 'Colby's Wishing Star' 
Colby's Wishing Star Dwarf Lilac
Compact dwarf bush lilac with fragrant, soft pink clusters of florets that blooms repeatedly starting mid-spring and with deadheading, it will bloom again in summer and fall. Named after Frank Moro's son born with Down Syndrome in 2002.
Viburnum carlcephalum 
Fragrant Snowball Std
Deciduous standard tree with dark green glossy foliage turning a beautiful purple red in the fall. Branches tipped with waxy, white snowball clusters in spring. Intense, spicy fragrance. Showy most of the year.
Pyrus communis 'Bosc' 
Bosc Pear
Distinctive, thick, brown to yellow-brown, non-shiny russet skin. This pear has an obvious neck and distinctly crisp-textured flesh. It is used in cooking and baking, as well as for eating raw. Ripens beginning of October. Self-sterile, cross pollination with another pear is necessary.
Hemerocallis 'Ruby Spider' 
Ruby Spider Daylily
The petals of this 9-inch beauty lie flat and spread out in an unusual spatulate form, so the display of red and yellow color is absolutely breathtaking! The plant is a strong grower, producing tall and commanding stems with a high bud count and nice robust, healthy green foliage.
Rosa 'Big Purple' [Hybrid Tea] 
Big Purple Rosa
Huge blooms of large, heavily petalled reddish purple flowers are borne on tall, stiffly upright plants covered with very dark green leathery foliage. Like most lavender roses it's quite hardy and disease resistant. A beautiful rose with an intense fragrance.
Kniphofia 'Orange Vanilla Popsicle' 
Orange Vanilla Popsicle Red Hot Poker
This selection bears continuous bloom from summer through fall on dwarf plants. Two toned beauty topped with flower spikes of red orange over creamy white on the bottom and short grassy leaves.
Buddleja davidii 'Miss Ruby' 
Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush
Rich, deep, fragrant showy pink blooms cover this attractive deer resistant shrub during the summer and fall. Nice compact growth habit reaching only 4 feet all and as wide. Low female fertility and reduced seed set.
Tiarella 'Pink Skyrocket' 
Pink Skyrocket Foamflower
Strongly dissected, shiny green foliage, highlighted with a central black blotch, is topped in late spring with a dazzling display of sparkling pink, fragrant flowers. A wonderful cut flower for the shady garden.
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